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Friday, July 16, 2004

Feel the fear and blog it anyway

It was said, I forget where, that if ordinary people are the dogs, then the folk on the autism spectrum are the cats.  Eating, sleeping, inhabiting comfortable chairs whenever possible - yep, I subscribe to that.  Not quite knowing whether to approach or avoid someone because they might stroke you or scare you, or do both at once - that as well.
I suspect Eric Berne was part cat.  He talked about stroking a lot.
Enlivened self sufficiently yesterday to get out of chair, put nice dress (even!) and posh ruby on, and go and celebrate birthday with friend at art gallery - yummy lunch and Newlyn School rural paintings.  Triffic!
Normal lethargy today; partially redeemed self by kicking off this blog, which I have meant to start for a while now, having informally collected untidy, scrawly, doodly ideas for same in the Rant Book,  a notebook for not being scholarly in, or formal or pretentious either. 

Let's not look naive because of failing to check what naivety looks like to more socially literate people, but, having said that, let's not show off by pretending to know more than we actually do. 
Redtabby feels that formality and pretentiousness are a health hazard for the autism-spectrum writer, as they inhibit spontaneity by seeming correct, and  are a big toothy rusty trap for the unwary; autism is a lot about being unwary.  Wariness about how what we do will look to others, although a major drain on our intellectual resources, is something we have to exercise every day in order to pass for civilized.
  Does that sound preachy?  Hope not.  Nighty-night for now.


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